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Back Lit Signs (Illuminated Signs)

When you think of traditional illuminated signage, you may think of back lit signs. A back lit sign is has an internally-illuminated background, such as a cabinet sign. These signs are single or double faced and are lit with bulbs from the interior. A double faced sign has two faces, back to back or 2 faces in one cabinet, readable from two directions.

Often, you will see a back lit sign combined with an electronic message center on the bottom. Much of our curated work in the photo gallery above will show this ideal combination of signage. 

During the design phase, we will survey the site to ensure the appropriate sizing of your back lit sign to optimize visibility. We will design multiple signage options for you as well as continue to edit and modify the design until the backlit sign rendering is exactly how you’d like to see it built.

If you are a new business or looking to do a brand refresh, our head graphic designer, Bryan Spankowski can create multiple logos for you to choose from as well.

We then manufacture the back lit sign in-house at our location in Burlington Wisconsin.

Once we’ve selected your backlit sign sizing and design, and manufactured it in-house, we will install the sign following all of the OSHA guidelines and protocols for safety. We often see sign installation not meeting the appropriate safety expectations. We install signage in northeastern Illinois and southeastern Wisconsin.

Important questions to ask a sign company before selecting one:

1. What type of warranty do you provide on the sign? We provide at least one year on all signs.

2. Do you provide "visibility analytics" to ensure the back lit sign can be viewed optimally from the street (or other specific location? We will supply you with a rendering of your sign digitally placed at your location.

3. Do you meet OSHA guidelines when installing signs? We go above and beyond to ensure the safety of our employees and the public during installation. 

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